Connect-Hub 5G™

The Connect-Hub™ 5G makes home internet easy, from set-up to streaming in no time.

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Supports 4GLTE, 5G SA/NSA, Sub-6GHz, mmWave

360-degree dual-band Wi-Fi coverage area

3.4 Gbps* average download speeds

WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security, VPN, DMZ, and IP filtering

Award winning silent-cooling design

Get 5G home internet with minimum lag time, and 360° of reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi without the cords.

The Connect-Hub 5G™ replaces your home internet modem and router, providing you with high-speed internet and connecting all your devices in one easy-to-use hub.

Advanced Antenna Technology

The omnidirectional antenna creates a 360° dual-band Wi-Fi coverage area that connects up to 30 Wi-Fi devices to 5G internet speeds.

Includes 5G to 3G multi-mode support with smart antenna technology that independently select the strongest signal.

Download a 2GB HD movie in less than 20 seconds.*

Enjoy fast and stable internet connectivity with the latest 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Easy Installation

Real-time network signal allows you to choose the best location and the app guided configuration takes care of the rest.

Silent Cooling

The award-winning chimney venting design dissipates heat while the silent, built-in radiator and thermal phase change material work together to keep things cool.

Connect-Hub 5G™ Specifications

182 x 124 x 70mm
Approx. 632g
NSA & SA* (SA supports via MR)
– Sub6G n2/n5/n7/N66/71/78 (n78 enabled via MR)
4G LTE B12(with MFBI)/B17/13/29/5/26/2/25/4/66/7/30/42/43, CAT20
5G up to 3.4 Gbps DL
2.4 GHz 2MIMO 574 Mbps
5 GHz 2MIMO 1.2 Gbps
Total speed up to 1.775 Gbps
WPA, WPA2, VPN, DMZ, IP Filtering
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55
Qualcomm® QCA6391 Wi-Fi 6
RJ45 GE port (x 2), RJ11 (x 1)
LED Indicator: Power, LAN, Network, Signal
*requires future software update

*Actual speed may vary depending on country, carrier, and user environment. 4.6 Gbps chipset peak output. 1.2 Gbps laboratory testing output.