ZTE Axon 20 5G Available December 21 for € 449 / £419

The ZTE Axon 20 5G, the world’s first under-display camera 5G smartphone, will be made available for purchase globally beginning December 21, 2020. Packing advanced under-display technologies, the Axon 20 5G provides a true full display without any notch or punch hole. The device also features industry-leading 5G technology, an AI Quad camera, and a 6.92” OLED display with 90Hz refresh rate for a smooth day-to-day 5G experience for just €449 / £419 / $449.

Developing World-First Technologies

ZTE is renowned for its continuous drive to bring the most innovative technology to users. Back in 2015, the company introduced the Axon series with the first smartphone to feature a dual back camera setup. In 2017, it brought to users the world’s first foldable smartphone with the Axon M and later introduced blazing-fast 5G speed to technology enthusiasts with the Axon 10 Pro. This time, the Axon 20 5G brings a totally new full screen experience through breakthrough technologies for its under-display camera.

Behind the World’s First Under-Display Camera

Through a focus on 5 core technologies, including special materials, dual-control chips, unique driver circuits, special pixel matrix, and its in-house selfie algorithm, ZTE managed to overcome numerous technical challenges through research and development to deliver an outstanding experience on the Axon 20 5G

To balance the performance of the display and the front camera, ZTE has adopted highly transparent materials that include new organic and inorganic films, to ensure enough light input for the front camera. Anti-reflection treatment has been applied to maximize the transparency and suppress optical diffraction whilst a special OLED was developed with the aim to bring sufficient light into the camera sensor.

axon 20 display technology

(High Transparency Nano-level Material, special OLED, and transparent pixel matrix that dramatically ensure the optical transmittance)

Moreover, a built-in independent dual-control chip and integrated driver circuits have been employed to enable the color synchronization between the front camera and the conventional display. The unique driver circuit layout design over the camera is precise and miniaturized to avoid interference, providing a consistent and smoother transition of display image and camera vision.

In addition, ZTE has engineered a special pixel matrix with different pixel sizes and arrangement to provide a greater display consistency and camera performance.

Finally, a unique triple selfie algorithm has optimized the performance of the camera under several lighting conditions, improved glare interference, supported automatic dynamic range adjustment for great improvement of the photo clarity, and the image contrast.

four under display technologies

(4 under-display technologies to make a true full display, 5 core technologies to realize the under-display cameras.)

A True Full Display Looks So Much Better

ZTE has leveraged additional under-display technologies, including ambient light, sound, and fingerprint sensors to achieve a true full screen without any punch holes. The innovative light sensor can automatically adjust the screen brightness based on the environment, allowing the display to be clearly seen at any time.

The display reaches digital cinematic color standards thanks to its 6.92-inch OLED display, 10-bit color depth, and 100% coverage of DCI-P3 color gamut. The FHD+ resolution and OLED materials have made the display color clearer and more beautiful. By virtue of a length-width ratio of 20.5:9 and the DTS:X Ultra 3D sound, the device can deliver a cinematic experience with no visual obstacles.

full view display

(A true full 6.92-inch FHD+ OLED display, with 10-bit color depth, and 100% coverage of DCI-P3 color gamut. 90Hz refresh rate and 240Hz sample rate, the screen is smooth and responsive.)

Strengthened 5G Experiences with Super Antenna 2.0

The ZTE Axon 20 5G features upgraded antenna technology to ensure an ultra-fast 5G experience anytime and anywhere. ZTE’s Super Antenna 2.0 is a cutting-edge PDS antenna with a 360-degree surround integrated design and intelligent closed-loop tuning technology, which can improve network connection stability and download speed.

Moreover, 12 different antennas have been integrated into the outer surface of the middle frame, which are further away from the motherboard and internal components, thereby improving the signal connection quality, making it more stable and faster.

On top of this, the device boasts intelligent network acceleration technology, which has increased the download rate by 30%, according to the test results at ZTE’s lab, and it intelligently avoids frequency bands with congested signals.

5G antenna technology

(Cutting-edge PDS antenna, 360-degree surround integrated design and intelligent closed-loop tuning technology.)

Integrated Functions for Video shooting and Editing

ZTE has made continuous efforts in improving the video functions of its smartphones to meet the creative needs of younger generations in the 5G era.

The device features a 64MP super HD main camera that supports 4K high-resolution video at 60fps, super night scenes, video beauty and real-time HDR video in multiple lighting conditions. In addition, the main and wide-angle lenses support image stabilization, which helps to shoot videos of higher quality.

Moreover, the camera software features 6 intelligent templates to produce stylized videos, which can intelligently match different styles of music with special transition effects. In addition, the unique full-screen film recording mode, with a ratio under 20.5:9, can support portrait bokeh and beauty mode, providing further video customizations.

Excellent Performance for Day-to-Day Experiences

Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G mobile platform, the ZTE Axon 20 5G features a new-generation full-scenario system optimization engine. The 4,220mAh battery can support 30W Quick Charging and has a 5G power saving mode that improves battery life by 35%. The heat dissipation capabilities are improved through a triple level intelligent heat dissipation system, which includes liquid cooling circulation, carbon nanofiber thermal pad, and graphite material. Thus, it will always remain cool during power intense activities such as playing games, viewing short videos, or watching movies.

Design Comes First

With the thickness of only 7.98mm, and the ultra-thin design of double shoulder lines, the ZTE Axon 20 5G has inherited the sleek style of the ZTE Axon series. The 3D curved glass on the back contains ten layers of structural stacks, which have been carefully crafted with 36 different processes to create a unique and gorgeous texture.

New Vision Club

The limited-edition ZTE Axon 20 5G will be offered exclusively by invitation only to those who join the “New Vision Club.” The code can be used to purchase the ZTE Axon 20 on December 21, get a free pair of ZTE TWS LiveBuds, and be invited to join the review program for a $20 cashback reward. Review program participants will get a chance to share their feedback and ideas to be considered for the next Axon device. Sign-up ends at 8:00am on December 27, 2020 (CET time).

Those who join the New Vision Club can receive an invitation code through participation within the group including:

  • Taking a quiz that will be released on the website. Members who complete the quiz successfully will receive an email with a secret code that shares if they have been invited. If invitation codes are no longer available, an email coupon code will also be made available.
  • Following ZTE’s official social media channels where invitation codes will be given away in the coming days following the release.
  • Following select tech websites and content creators who will share codes with their communities.
Pricing and Availability

The ZTE Axon 20 5G can be ordered at $449/ €449 /£419 from the official website http://global.ztedevices.com (live on December 21, 2020)

The ZTE Axon 20 5G is available in the following countries and regions:

  • EU store: Austria, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Romania, France, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Sweden, Ireland
  • UK Store: United Kingdom
  • GL Store: Korea, Ukraine, Thailand, Malay, Philippine, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa